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Kari + Kyle [Proposal]

Kari + Kyle

Mount Hood Proposal

[Government Camp, Oregon]

Last August while we were on family vacation, my little brother casually announced during breakfast that he was thinking about buying an engagement ring.

HOLD UP. What?

I'm pretty sure Kyle is still 5, but OK, sure.

I knew next to nothing about Kari and I certainly had never met her. But I could see a new confidence and joy in my brother as he talked about her. And I liked it. So I went along with it.

Flash forward to November - I got to finally meet Kari. AND YOU GUYS - she's great. I knew pretty quickly that Kari was the one for Kyle and that she belonged in our family.

Then in December, Kyle texted me a picture of the ring he had just bought (spoiler: he nailed it) and we started planning the proposal.

The plan was pretty simple. I asked Kari if she and Kyle would be willing to model for me for a couple's shoot in the snow for my website. And Kyle would surprise her with a proposal during out shoot.

So while Kyle was visiting town in January, I asked Kari to do the photoshoot. We drove a couple hours up to Mount Hood and found some snow covered trails. Kari definitely knew something was up and she secretly hoped this was going to be the snowy proposal she'd been dreaming of.

But Kyle and I weren't going to settle for a spot less than perfect - so we wandered around for about an hour taking portraits and having a good time, hoping to find The Spot.

Thinking the proposal wasn't happening because we were almost done - Kari started to get upset with Kyle. I mean, we were in a beautiful location and I was there taking photos. Of course she hoped he would propose! So while Kari took a breather in the car - Kyle and I made a final game plan.

There was a beautiful spot on the trail that we had to skip over earlier because the light was too harsh for my liking, but the sun was dipping behind the mountain so I knew it would be magical by now. So when Kari was ready to go again, we made her hike back up the trail.

After 5 minutes of silent (we were nervous!) walking, we found the spot where the trees opened up for the soft sunlight to pour in and I put them in position and got ready for the shot. Then I gave Kyle a nod.

He got down on one knee and asked Kari to spend the rest of their lives together, partners in all things.

Kari couldn't believe what was happening, but of course she said YES.

But I think the photos do a better job of telling the story than my words ever could.

Needless to say - Kari was thrilled.

It was an honor to be a part of this special moment in my baby brother's life. There is nothing better than witnessing first hand an outpouring of true love and pure joy.

I'm so glad Kyle found Kari.

Welcome to the family, sister! I love you both so much and I'm ready to party in July!


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